Linden’s residential property market

For those interested in Linden’s residential property market

Property Valuers do not create value but merely interpret the market by analyzing sales. Out of interest, I have analyzed the last two years’ freehold residential property that sold in Linden and extensions. Here are some interesting stats which you may find useful. If you need more detail, (including the google earth KMZ files of the particular sales), or would like me to do a similar analysis of other suburbs country-wide,... as you may be considering relocating to the coast :), please email me at

Raw Data

“Shrubbed” Data

1. Related party transactions removed

2. Commercial properties removed

3. Vacant erven (vacant land) removed

4. Outliers removed

5. Average erf size spit, <1000m², 1001m² to 1999m², >2000m²

Interesting Remarks

  1. The number of residential, freehold properties that sold over the last 12-month period declined from 62 to 36 (-41.95%). This could be due to the absorption of the "opportunity" associated with lower interest rates or a decrease in the supply of properties on the market. Assuming that those that were in the position of taking advantage of the low-interest rate have already done so. The question really is, what will happen should the interest rate starts to go up?

  2. The selling prices of properties ranging between 1001m² to 1999m² seem most resilient. This could be an indication that Linden as a suburb is still a sought-after location and that the value remains mainly in the land. Note that in the previous 24 months only “vacant land” sales have been recorded.

  3. The average selling prices remained relatively unchanged, whereas the minimum and maximum prices were affected by the change in the standard deviation.

I hope this is useful to someone. The selling price ranges are wide, but going through the actual data and comparing those to a particular property will definitely narrow these ranges. Please email me at should you have any other property-related comments/remarks to share.

All the best to you.

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